How to get web traffic ?

How to get web traffic ?

Build your content so that it keeps viewers engaged to the site. Content such as animation, videos, reference links may keep the viewer revisit your site.

Competitive Context
Writing blogs or content which are on hype may bring traffic to the site through the context is competitive and less chance for visitors to arrive. Though flowing with the wave may be an advantage.

Social Media
Social Mediyns like facebook, Twitter may be influenced but too much sharing in sites like Reddit may be bad to use social media carefully.

Engage Comment
Try your best to answer and follow up the comments of viewers so that they can be influenced and make them revisit the site.

Tools like Google Analytics may help you to decide what kind of content are viewed mostly and which engages the viewers so that similar topic can be followed.

Advantages of owning a Facebook business Page

Advantages of owning a Facebook business Page

I have assembled some of the advantages of owning a Facebook business Page.
– You can have a number of fans connected to your page beyond your imagination as it is nearing 2 billion users.
– you can reach a huge volume of people to promote your business
– If Facebook is used wisely you can collect information about your fans and their nature of buying
– You can directly connect to your customers / Fans and communicate or take feedback for your business.


If you know any additional Advantages of owning a Facebook business Page, please mention below.

Few implementations of computers

Few implementations of computers
– Predict the weather
– Gaming
– Correct spelling
– Analytics
– Book a flight
– Give directions
– Trade stocks
– Online advertisement
– Monitor
– Sorting things

Mobile : Email Marketing

From a research, it is found that 55% of sent emails are opened on mobile devices. So, mobile email marketing should be handled with care while performing an email marketing campaigns. Using responsive email templates to adapt the subscriber’s screen size will ensure that your subscribers will see exactly what you want them to see. Beside it, When you’re looking for email marketing tools for your business, do not forget to see or calculate the results you are getting so that you can improve in next campaigns.

6 WordPress plugins for business websites

There are 49,305 WordPress plugins available with 1,605,066,488 total downloads which help to expand the functionality of websites based on WordPress. Among all those close to 50,000 plugins, today we shall be discussing on essential 6 WordPress plugins for business websites holders to make it more secured and well organized.

1) WordFence
WordFence has crossed over 22 million downloads, it is taken as the most popular WordPress security plugin available in the plugin repository. You can secure your website(s) with the most trustworthy security plugin. which can look after the firewall, malware scan, blocking, live traffic, login security & more. You can download it from Continue reading “6 WordPress plugins for business websites”

7 mostly used accounting softwares

7 mostly used accounting softwares

Small business owners may feel hassled to keep track of their sales, purchases, customers, billing customer, send invoices etc. As small business owners may not be aware of the definite way to keep account of all expenses and incomes, there are different kinds of online websites and apps are available to help them. Below I have listed 7 mostly used accounting software to assist such business holders for whom accounting is not their cup of tea.

Wave helps small business owners to send invoices, get payments, track expenses, manage employees and taxes. It is simple to use templates for invoicing purpose.

Manager has been developed as Desktop Edition, Cloud Edition, Server Edition to send invoices, estimates and receipts to customers on a fly. This can be downloaded and used for free. Continue reading “7 mostly used accounting softwares”

Simple hacks to grow Likes on FaceBook Without using Ads

how to increase Likes on FaceBook Without using Ads

FaceBook has been a great tool to reach a huge mass of people for the purpose of information flow, marketing or connecting people with different thoughts. Business houses whether small or big business, StartUps, Entrepreneurs, Mentors all has been using FaceBook as a medium to reach its clients, users, viewers etc fast and effectively. So This post shall be stating some of the simple hacks to grow Likes on FaceBook Without using Ads. Continue reading “Simple hacks to grow Likes on FaceBook Without using Ads”

4 Ways to create a domain name

Earlier in couple of posts, we talked about creating a website for free and choosing cheap domain registrar for personal use, small business as a part of branding our business. Today, we shall be mentioning some of the key things we need to keep in our mind while choosing a domain name. As domain name will be our brand ambassador on the internet so be wise while choosing one. So, below are 4 Ways to create a domain name

  1. Create by Joining words:
    If your companies name can be joined with some other words so that it could sound interesting even the word may not have the exact meaning then we can choose such domain names.
  2. Continue reading “4 Ways to create a domain name”

What are the ways to buy a domain name?

As mentioned in an earlier post, if you are planning to create a website for your business then this post shall help you to buy a name for the website. Domain name is like a synonym of your business or say like an identity of your product or service in web. Like is the domain name for popular search engine GOOGLE. When we type the domain name in any browser it will start to display the information you have stored on your website. This post will clear What are the ways to buy a domain name via different best place to buy a domain name or best domain name registrar. Continue reading “What are the ways to buy a domain name?”

How to make a website for small business free?

devlop website free

In today’s era, every day many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs are initiating own business with the skill set they posses. Business needs to be branded, broadcasted and informed targeting many people as much as possible so that they can convert them to customers. A Website can be the ultimate choice for such things. Being a starting person, a business house if you are wondering how to make a website for small business free then, you have reached a nice post. Besides increasing revenue, other advantages of a website is to impress visitors better than your competitors. Here, I shall be elaborating some of the small steps to create a website on own which you might be probably looking for. Continue reading “How to make a website for small business free?”

Start Coding in Freecodecamp it’s Free

start coding in freecodecamp its free

FreeCodeCamp is an open source community on which helps you learn to code. Start Coding in Freecodecamp it’s Free has motivated lots of people to learn different kinds tools to develop oneself as a full stack developer even though they were not from the computer background in some cases. From the Freecodecamp website you can read numerous success stories of a first job or a first project on completing the course. Continue reading “Start Coding in Freecodecamp it’s Free”


Hello All from Allure Creations.

We are into this online business from the long run but serving to different organizations in past. Now, with all the experiences from past, we are starting fresh a fresh web development center with expertise in different fields like Android, JAVA, PHP, ReactJS, ROR etc. These programming languages are not our limitation but we try to be a one-stop solution for any kind of Application, Web Application, Mobile Apps.

Today, Internet is in reach of billions of people from different corners of the world due to different kind of devices like mobiles, tablets, IOT devices etc so we are not letting ourselves lag behind. For now, we are trying to put hands on the AI for the development of Bots and VR technology. Stay tuned. We are just getting started.