How to make a website for small business free?

In today’s era, every day many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs are initiating own business with the skill set they posses. Business needs to be branded, broadcasted and informed targeting many people as much as possible so that they can convert them to customers. A Website can be the ultimate choice for such things. Being a starting person, a business house if you are wondering how to make a website for small business free then, you have reached a nice post. Besides increasing revenue, other advantages of a website is to impress visitors better than your competitors. Here, I shall be elaborating some of the small steps to create a website on own which you might be probably looking for.Steps to create a website
1) Get a domain and hosting:
– You need a domain name which can resemble your service or product. You need a hosting to put the files of your website. You can buy them via different companies which are providing domain and hosting sales like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost. etc

2) Upload Website:
– If you know how to code then you can develop a website with all the information of your product or you can hire us to develop a niche website or just install open source website developing tools like WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento etc according to necessity.

how to make website for small business free
how to make website for small business free

3) Inform :
– Now, try to add content about the product you are selling or the service you are providing with the necessary information so that you can educate your website visitors. You may also lure them with different kinds of packages, discounts, bonus etc on different occasions and events and convert the visitors to customers. You may need to have below mentioned basic pages to look the website more informative
– Homepage
– Products and Services
– About Us
– Contact Us

I hope above explanation helps you to be clear to some extent on how to make a website for small business free. we will be helping you to get more out of your website on coming posts. Till then you can leave your suggestions, feedbacks or comments below.

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