What are the ways to buy a domain name?

As mentioned in an earlier post, if you are planning to create a website for your business then this post shall help you to buy a name for the website. Domain name is like a synonym of your business or say like an identity of your product or service in web. Like http://google.com is the domain name for popular search engine GOOGLE. When we type the domain name in any browser it will start to display the information you have stored on your website. This post will clear What are the ways to buy a domain name via different best place to buy a domain name or best domain name registrar.Depending upon the domain sellers, I have tried to elaborate the different ways one you can buy the domain for different purposes.
1) Search and Buy: Go to the domain sellers website, there you can find a tool to search the available domain names. There you can type a name that you like as a domain name and if the result shows then you can pay the necessary amount via feasible payment method.

2) Bid a Domain/Domain Auction: Domain Seller company may keep lots of expired domain names in a pool for auction or bidding. Whoever bid the highest price in the time allocated is rewarded the domain. In this method, you can search or choose a domain name which can be used in past and has the suitable name for you. Such domain name can cost a bit higher than the buying domain normally.

3) Bulk Domain Buy: If you want to buy numerous domains at once then this shall be the suitable method for you. You just need to submit the list of domain names you needed then the domain provider you find and pass you the domain names. You may have discounted rates while buying in this method.

4) Domain Buy: If you want to buy a specifically worded domain name which may have even been sold and don’t know how to buy a domain name from someone.Then you can request the domain registrar to have a deal to buy the domain name, but in this method, you may have to pay the high amount as it has already been bought.

Hope this article helps you to search a domain name you want to buy from the domain name registrar. If you have any confusion you can reach us at hello@allure-creations.com, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you and see you in next post. Till then you can drop your queries or feedback below in comment box.

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