4 Ways to create a domain name

Earlier in couple of posts, we talked about creating a website for free and choosing cheap domain registrar for personal use, small business as a part of branding our business. Today, we shall be mentioning some of the key things we need to keep in our mind while choosing a domain name. As domain name will be our brand ambassador on the internet so be wise while choosing one. So, below are 4 Ways to create a domain name

  1. Create by Joining words:
    If your companies name can be joined with some other words so that it could sound interesting even the word may not have the exact meaning then we can choose such domain names.
  2. Catchy Words:
    You can choose some catchy words which may be synonymous with your business or not like Google, Yahoo etc. though they don’t fit their business but later on they became brand name of popular search engines.
  3. Dictiories/Directories:
    If you are not able to find easy and catchy domain name then you can choose domain name generators which have huge compilation of domain name suggestion for the keywords provided.
  4. Words Easy to Type or Remember:
    Combining different keywords related to your business scope can lead to some unique word or name which can suit your brand. Such words may also be helpful to expand your business and brand it.

While choosing domain name be concious about copyright law too. Do not use offensive words. We will talk about things to keep in mind while choosing domain name later on. How did you find this post?

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